01 Salotti (also named as Bindebir Mobilya A.Ş.) Company was founded in Adana (close to the Mediterranean) in 1948 by İsmail Hakkı Bindebir, who is the grandfather of companies current executives. İsmail Hakkı Bindebir had great information as well as passion about furniture and he wanted to establish his own company.

With the help of his parents, he achieved what he has been dreaming of. İsmail Hakkı Bindebir’s strong character and determination, the support he got from his two sons -Abbas Bindebir and Muzaffer Bindebir- who got their roles in the company management are the important factors for the success of the company.

1948 Opening Showroom

1953 Invoice


A team that consists of professionals mean that the quality is always kept under control. Engineers, expert technicians, designers, architects and marketing experts work together in different 01 Salotti facilities. Quality control staff are vital for the company – these technicians and industry specialists control each 01 Salotti product to see whether it meets the high quality standards that are designated by our ISO 9001 : 2000 certified administrative system.


We place style to the heart of our furniture designs. Design department is the creative support of the company: this unit focuses completely on innovations and design quality. In this unit, we analyze the trends of market and choose new materials. This creates a factory of ideas and 100 new suggestions for designs come up every year. Also, new strategies come up as well as ideas. Design department has divided 01 Salotti style into three different ways for marketing the products that are inspired from three different life sytles and include all 01 Salotti products: Traditional, Modern, Avant-garde.


We have been in a radical innovation process for more than 70 years. Thanks to technological innovations that preserve the perfect quality standards, we are able to optimize the time and costs. 01 Salotti puts innovations into practice by:

  • Just in time production without finished product storage
  • Fully automated storage and distribution;
  • Most sophisticated production facilities for flexible and extremely modular solutions;
  • Software systems that observe the whole production chain and enable both the company and the customer to monitor the delivery process of orders from shipping to arrival.